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Old Italian city-Andy LoRusso

Andy LoRusso's Italian Heritage

My Familia'

Andy's ancestry traces back to both Sicily and the poor, rough, and mountainous region of Basilicata, just south of Naples. His close relationship with his Sicilian family, especially his grandmother Grace, has had a huge impact on his life. Especially the time they spent in the kitchen together singing, laughing and cooking. As soon as he was tall enough to reach the table, Andy was cooking meals for himself.

In all that he does, Andy seeks to preserve the heritage and culture of his ancestors and to show gratitude and respect for the sacrifice they made 100 years ago in emigrating from the poverty of Southern Italy. He feels that food and song are two ways to honor his ancestors and to share their rich musical and culinary heritage with countless people around the world and from a variety of cultures. He believes that everyone can celebrate the vitality, passion, and beauty of song and of the foods that sustain us and give life meaning.

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