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A Taste Of Italy Fundraiser

Here is the information as to how I can assist your theater or non-profit organization in putting on a special event fundraiser. I have done many of these types of events all over the country and will give references if needed in order to assist you in your planning.

The show is billed as: "A Taste of Italy" with Andy LoRusso, The Singing Chef. I have put together a special 90 minute show that can be either performed as an elegant sit down lunch or dinner show at the venue of your choice, for 150 to 500 people, that includes a four course Italian dinner served, or in a cooking demonstration and sing along presentation with food and wine tasting, set up right on your theaters stage. (See menus for both options below). With both of these presentations tickets can be sold to your patrons at varying amounts with a meet and great the chef as a special perk after the event. Ask about my special discount on my cookbooks and CD's for perks to your patrons.

In the first option, the four course sit down dinner, I demonstrate three items off the proposed menu while singing Italian love songs and arias. In option number 2, I demonstrate at least seven items while interacting with the audience, the same as above. Your local caterers or staff, using my recipes, cooks all the food that will be served in both options. I will work with them directly to plan the event out.

All of the music for both shows is on DVD with beautiful images of Italy that are projected on large screens in the venue. The words to the songs that I sing are also on the screens and I encourage all to sing along with me.

The rider below will let you know what is needed to set my show up. We can talk over my honorarium for my services when you call me. That's It! I will make myself available for any and all promotion either on TV, radio, and newspaper. I do look forward to talking with you and putting on a one of a kind special event for your theater or organization.

For more information please contact Andy.

Artist Technical Rider +

  • A.) A state of the art sound system with mixer.
  • B.) DVD with a switcher unit and a CD player for playback.(CD player only if needed) All of Andy's music is on the DVD along with words to the songs he will sing. The images require at least one if not two drop down screens so that people can see the images, read the words, to the songs and sing along. We can also use one or two 60" to 70" Flat Screen TV's with a DVD player)
  • C.) Technicians to work the AV.
  • D.) A follow spot if the show is in a large venue for a dinner show.
  • E.) Andy will provide an E6i countryman wireless mike, with a Shure GLX-D4 2.4 GHz Wireless Receiver. The client will provide one (1) hand held wireless mike.
  • F.) A stage set up with a cooking area that would include two portable butane burners or electric induction burners. An equipment list for what is needed on stage will be provided by Andy. (suggested stage size12ft x16ft and 20 inches high)
  • G.) One serpentine table for the cooking surface, that would be raised at least 32 inches off of the riser, waist high.
  • H.) One 8 foot table behind the main cooking table to hold all the food and equipment for the show.
  • I.) At least one (1) if not two cameras to show what Andy is cooking on the stage. Three is the best.
  • J.) Depending on the size of the venue, at least two drop down screens to project the DVD and the camera images on.
  • K.) Accommodations Ground Transportation and meals provided by event. (See contract for details)
  • L.) One professionally trained chef assistant or culinary student to work with Andy on stage. This person will assist in the procurement of all the food, do all the prep and make sure that everything is ready.
  • The client will provide transportation for Andy if any appearances on local TV shows are booked and provide whatever is necessary for the segment, i.e.. food, assistant, etc.

Option #1 -- Sit Down Dinner, Four Courses +

Option #2 -- 7 Course Food & Wine Sampling +

Media and Promotional+